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4 October
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Hi my name is Nicole other then my hobbies I live on long island NY I am currently a theatre major at Five Towns College. My dream is to be Ariel in the Little Mermaid on Broadway, but being Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Christine in Phantom of the Opera are big goals as well. Im a Soprano I so I can hit notes hight enough to shater glass if I wanted to. The highest I can go is a high F above the staff. I love sewing costumes otherwise known as cosplaying and going to conventions. I love to sing and perform any way I can. I love lolita fashion which is a japanese fashion based on the styles of the victorian era and is supposed to make you look doll like. Do not confuse it with the book lolita it is not meant to be sexy its supposed to be cute and elegant. I love photography my favorite subject is my cat Lucky and any other animals in nature. I think Im very good at it and wish I could photograph myself sometimes cause no one I know can do it like I can.